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A Roof is the most important component of a home. It protects your building from unfriendly elements of nature. Without it, your building is of no use. Roofing is an activity that involves several materials and procedures. It is an exclusive terrain for only experts. Our Company is dedicated to this vital part of your home. We help you protect your home, your family and your precious possessions from the adverse elements of nature.

We have provided high quality roofing services for several years. We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of high quality roofing systems. We have been in the industry for several years and we have installed more than 5 million square feet of high grade roofs.

We started as a small company and grew with time. We do remember our roots. We offer the same quality service to different types of Clients, either Large Scale Clients or Small Scale Clients.

If you are seeking professional, expert roof installation, repair or maintainance, contact us today. We install every type of roofs ranging from EPDM, TPO, Fleeceback EPDM and TPO, Liqiud Applied Membrance and coating, PVC, Shingles, Metal roofs and slate.

There are several reasons why roofs need repair or replacement. Usually, the first noticeable signs of damage to your roof includes signs like loss of granules, curling shingles and dark water stains on your ceiling. For your repair services it is very important to ensure that the Company diagonising the source of damage or leak has a long standing record of providing quality services in order to ensure that you given an accurate evaluation of the repair work to be done. This is where we come in. We give you an accurate diagnosis of your roofs problems and give you proper solutions.

We do more than just install your roofing systems, We can perform a detailed and Comprehensive inspections, repair, service and maintenance.We carry out preventive maintenance which will extend the life span of your roof. In addition to traditional roofing we are also installers of sustainable systems such as solar panels and green roofs.

We maintain a large service department with several qualified technicians available at your beck and call. You can schedule a routine service and we also provide emergency services We are adequately prepared to respond to an emergency call within 24 hours. Our qualified technicians are properly trained and undergo continuous training on current maintenance guidelines of every manufacturer’s roofing system. You can be rest assured of a safe home when you patronize us.

The Safety of our Clients is our priority. When we carry out roofing services ,We have an on the site Safety Officer that ensures that our activities and on-going work do not cause damage to your property or environment. We are equipped to attend to all types of Clients including Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Industry, Government, Hotels and e.t.c.

In order to save the costs people naturally incur from maintaining a building infrastructure, we offer Skylighting and Daylighting equipments that ensure that you spend lesser on the energy consumption within your building. We offer you MORE THAN JUST A ROOF.


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